Find the best information about Golden Triangle tours on a travel blog in India if you are looking for a Golden Triangle India travel blog. This blog will tell you all about the Indian cities that make up the Golden Triangle. Information about activities within the golden triangle is also available. Learn about the budget for the golden triangle. Learn more about the locations that can be included on this tour. This guide will help you choose the right time and season for booking this tour.

What is the Golden Triangle Tour?

The term Golden Triangle Tours is a tour that covers all the top tourist spots in India. It includes Jaipur and Delhi Agra.

Which place should you start your Golden Triangle tour?

These cities can be used as the starting point for this tour. Both Jaipur and Delhi have Internationals Airports. Many flights from different airlines land in these cities, so you can start the tour either from Delhi or Jaipur. Start from Delhi and travel to Agra, then to Jaipur. Your tour ends in Delhi. Start from Jaipur and go to Agra, then to Delhi.

This sector is best accessed by road, which has a nice expressway. If you are coming from Varanasi or other cities and want to explore Golden Triangle, then start at Agra. Similar applies to travelling from Khajuraho and Gwalior.

Golden triangle tour duration

The duration of Golden Triangle tours can be from 2 to 7 nights. You can travel with a tight schedule and still manage to cover the area in two nights three days. You can also choose to travel for five nights and six days if you are looking for a more relaxed way to complete the trip. You can also take a leisurely trip for six nights and seven days. The most popular is the Golden Triangle Tour.

Which is better? Golden Triangle Tour by Train or Car

The Golden Triangle Tour by Car is more popular because you don’t need to book car services at each location for departure, transfer, and sightseeing. You can also travel between Delhi Agra (India) and Jaipur (India) by train if you prefer to avoid the hassles of a long road trip.

Express trains are available between these cities, such as Shatabdi Express and Gatiman Express. The Golden Triangle can be travelled by both train and road. It is possible to fly from Delhi to Jaipur, or vice versa. This covers both cities by air. However, Agra does not have any regular flights, so it is difficult to tour this city by air.

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Budget Golden Triangle Trip Cost

You will be ready to go on holiday after a prolonged period of lockdown. After the Pandemic Of Covid has decreased, you will feel more at ease when 2021 begins. If you are looking for India vacations, the Golden Triangle Tour would be a good choice. Now, you can take the Delhi Agra Jaipur Tour with a smaller budget.

Cultural Activities in Golden Triangle Tour

There are unique cultural activities that one can enjoy in each of these cities, either before or after your sightseeing tour. The Rickshaw Ride in Old Delhi is the most popular activity on a Delhi tour. This walking tour includes Swami Narayan Temple and the Rickshaw Ride. You can also enjoy Heritage Walk, a walking tour through Kinari Bazar and participate in the Mohabbat–the Taj show at KalakritiAudurtioum.

You can visit the National Chambal Sanctuary, the Elephant Rehabilitation Center or the Bear Rescue Center if you are passionate about wildlife. You can enjoy activities such as a cycle tour, a Kitchen class experience, dinner at ChokiDhani Restaurant, and a meeting with an astrologist for your horoscope.

Famous Religious Sites in Delhi Agra Jaipur


  • Lotus Temple
  • Jama Masjid
  • Chatarpur Temple
  • Gurudwara Bangla Sahib


  • DayalBagh
  • Manakameshwar Temple.
  • Gurudwara Guru kataal
  • St. Mary’s Church


  • Birla Temple
  • GaltaJi Temple

Extend your Golden Triangle tour

Golden Triangle Tour travelers can include famous day tours such as Jaipur, Pushkar, Agra, Jaipur, Mathura Vrindavan and Delhi to Mathura Vrindavan.

When is the best time to do it? Tour of the Golden Triangle

October through April is the best time to visit and review the Golden Triangle when the monsoon season has finished. You won’t be soaked by rain showers. You can also avoid the heat of May or June. When planning this tour, remember that some monuments in Delhi, such as Red Fort or Akshardham, are still closed every Monday. The Taj Mahal, Agra, is closed Fridays. Jaipur monuments are closed on Holi Festival.

You can celebrate Diwali in Jaipur, which usually falls in October or November. You can participate in the Baleshwar cattle show in Agra and Pushkar in almost the same month.

There are some things to keep in mind when you book Golden Triangle Tours.

What to wear: The months of January and December are very cold. You should wear woolen clothes. The temperature in the day drops to 10-12 Celsius, while at night, it drops to 2 or 3.

Travelling Gear-Keep some wet wipes on hand, as you may need them after visiting places. You can either keep a few bottles of mineral water from reputable brands such as Aquatint and Kinley or ask the driver to add some to the cool keg. You should be aware that some places are extremely secure. Follow the tour guide’s advice and don’t leave prohibited items at the Hotel.

You can carry a toilet roll in your bag, as you may not find it at the public toilets. As a sign of respect, you can cover your shoulders with shawls while visiting mosques. To tip the porters at the station or hotel, you can keep a change of Indian rupees.

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