Sleeping outdoors is always mesmerizing when planning is smart. You need to keep in mind the basic facilities. One of the essentials to decide is, to use rechargeable portable power supply for camping. These power supplies majorly require two significant things. The first one is obviously, they should be portable and the second one is, that they must be rechargeable.

Best Portable Rechargeable Power Supply For Camping Buying Guide 2020

Before you lookout for this product, you need to keep in mind, prior important details.


It’s a word of mouth that the electronics heat up when they are in the constant running. So foremost thing you need to clear up for the purchase of these power supplies is to choose one, that doesn’t heat up.


As it is portable, so the weight should be easy to handle. Some of the portable products weigh high due to the mechanism used in them and people usually complain because here the tag ‘portable’ is pointless.


The price you have set in your budget should be worthy of the need you are purchasing it for. Obviously you don’t want to pay extra if the same benefits are with some other product of cheaper price.


These products are not FMCG products, so you need to pay once and forget. Means, they should have a long life, long hours working with risk-free usage. You should choose a product that fulfils all your needs, charge your devices like smartphones, laptops, electronic appliances etc. A product that prevents short circuit if all the devices are connected at the same time.


You need to know what capacity you require and for how much time? That depends on the number of devices you keep in that panel. Obviously, for high voltage consumptions you will look for a great recharging generator, if you are only limited to smartphone charging then obviously you don’t have to carry a bulky charger around. In that case, you will definitely look for power banks.

Top 7 Best Portable Rechargeable Power Supply For Camping

1. Jackery Portable Power Station

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Multiple ports availability

The large battery capacity

Safe for sensitive devices

An in-built cooling fan

Jackery portable power station is hitting at the top, by consumer reviews with the highest ratings. This product is loved by the customers because of the user-friendly feature it has and most of all, the price which is little as compared to the number of benefits it has.

Jackery portable power station has Multiple ports available you can charge Laptops, smartphones, electronic appliances all can connect at the same time. It has 3 DC ports, 10 USB ports, 5 quick charge ports, and many others.

This accounts for such a great capacity battery in it. You can charge the smartphone 40 times, laptop 7 to 8 times, mini refrigerator for 5+ hours, lights, small appliances, and much more. It’s Safer to charge sensitive devices (prevents short circuits). It has an in-built voltage control mechanism that doesn’t let current overflow. Moreover, It comes with an adapter and service card. It has an LCD display and an LED flashlight as well.

Pros & Cons

  • The large capacity battery of 240Wh.

  • Advanced solar generator technology.

  • Price is so reasonable as compared to the number of features it comes with.

  • You can plan a week trip with the use of this generator when charged fully.  

  • People love it for it has a very low noise

  • Charging with the solar panels is lengthy.

  • The solar panel doesn’t come with it.

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2. AC Outlet portable Laptop Power Bank

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AC power bank

31200 mAh Battery

Preventing from short circuit

The AC power bank can charge laptops, cameras, fans, appliances, and small gadgets. This best portable power bank has multiple powerful technologies that automatically turn into protection mode preventing short circuits, over-charging, over-current, and over-voltage. It comes with a battery of 31200 mAh which can charge iPhone X 8 times, iPad 4 times, MacBook 1.8 times.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy hand-held device.

  • Great battery power to charge laptops, speakers, appliances, and portable speakers.

  • Fast charging capability when urgent charging is required.

  • No short circuit, current overflow, or voltage drops.

  • It’s not cheap.

  • Less life as compared to a generator.

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3. Rockpals 250-Watt Portable Generator

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It has 3-way recharging: by car charger, directly from the sun with any solar panel of 60 to 100W that is compatible and by plugged into the wall outlet.

Having built-in backup emergency power for outdoors, home, or in case of load shedding.

Capable of charging smartphones, laptops, iPods, electronic appliances.

Fast and durable.

Invertor having pure sine wave, that provides clean electricity. Shifts loads when it is heavy. Thus, preventing overcharging.

It can even turn on your home motors, fluorescents, amplifiers, answering machines and much more.

Pros & Cons

  • Not a travelling partner but also, home partner.

  • High voltage and battery capacity.

  • Can turn on heavy appliances like motors, refrigerator.

  • Is way expensive.

  • Not a good option for cold areas where load shedding occurs most frequently.

  • Not that portable, in terms of weight.

Customer Reviews

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  •   ROCKPALS 60W Foldable Solar Panel Charger       Features

  •   Foldable, very portable and light weight.
  •   Smart Charging- 3 USB Ports.
  •   Most comfortable for campers’ choice.
  •   Converts solar power into free energy.
  •     Water resistant.
  •   Can be used with much type of solar generators.

  Pros and Cons   + Best choice for camping. + Efficient and long battery life. + Not very expensive. – Adapters might get loose by the time. These are portable power packs for camping. These mini rechargeable power supplies serve among one of the best portable power supply for camping trip. You will definitely love this product for such a comfortable small size, convenient to carry around. It has a very safe folded packing.   Customer Reviews It has an overall positive impact on customers. The say it is a portable power source for camping. It is very easy to carry on trips and quick charge. It is very compatible with most of the generators. Small enough to carry in your side bags yet large enough for speedy charging. So overall it’s a portable power supply for camping. Some customers complain that the adapters get loose after some time.  

  •   IDEAPLAY Portable power generator       Features

  •   2 way recharging- by solar panel or by AC outlet using AC adapter.
  •   High power capacity to power peripherals like laptops, PCs, smartphones, bulbs etc.
  •   Protection in-built: prevents over charge, over temperature, short circuit.
  •   Easy portable and durable.
  •   It has 4 USB charge ports, 3 USB quick charge ports and 2 AC power outlets.
  •   Turns off AC outlet automatically, when not in use.

Pros and Cons + Saves energy. Can even power studio lights still consumes less power. + Power for smartphones, laptops and emergencies. + Works for long hours. + Built-in flashlight. –  Solar panel is not included.   Such rechargeable power supplies are worth buying and you won’t hesitate for spending a big amount if you will come to feel the advantages they will bring to you. After the use of product you will be confident enough to say it loud that this probably is the best portable power source for camping.   Customer Reviews   Customers gave it thumbs up because it has a portable battery for camping. On camping families love to save their memories in cameras, this product is best to run studio lights where high video recording is needed. Moreover the emergency flashlight has a long life too. It is light weight, functional, easy to carry, battery powered plug socket for camping.  

  •   ZANFLARE Portable Generator     Features

  •   3 DC ports and 2 AC outlets, 4 USB ports.
  •   It has 120V AC outlet for home appliances and USB powered devices.
  •   It has a very high rechargeable battery of 600000mAh with a very light portable size.
  •   Things you get with it are 1 car charger, 1 cigarette socket, 1 power cable, 1 power adapter.
  •   1 year warranty.
  •   Portable power supply for camping.

  Pros and Cons   + High capacity battery. + Small size and big charge capability. + Package that comes with many useful products. – Doesn’t charge while charging other devices.   Customer Reviews   Customers found it extremely useful because it powered sensitive devices ( pure sine wave present).  After charging iPods the charging still remains for 2 days more. It is compact and easy carry for outdoor events. Customers overall loved this product, especially students who love to study alone at sea sites. Highly recommended for students, it can charge up your laptops several times.  

  •   RAV Power 22000mAh Portable  Charger power bank   Features

  •   Charges 3 devices at a time.
  •   Portable and easy to carry for business trips, college, trips.
  •   Charges iPhone X 4.9 times, galaxy S8 4.4 times and iPod mini 2.6 times.
  •   Compatible with most devices.
  •   Comes with 2 USB cables and carry pouch.

Pros and Cons + Small user friendly size. + Long battery life. + Affordable. – It doesn’t support quick charge because it doesn’t have quick charge port. – Can’t charge more than 3 devices at a time.   Customer Reviews It is considered one of the best portable electricity sources by the customers. This product was best among the students who usually take them along for their trips. It has major positive consumer reviews for its long lasting battery and durability. The size makes it portable power supply for camping.   FAQs What is the best portable power source? The best is not only that is portable, but also that has a long battery life. A source that can truly become a best travelling partner, fulfilling all the travelling, camping needs.   How do get power when camping? If you are using a solar generator then obviously you need a solar panel for it. Well basically it depends on the type of power source you are using. Some require direct charge from plugged socket.   What is the best camping battery? A battery that is rechargeable and long lasting.   Is there a battery powered electrical outlet? Yes, in that case we call electrical outlet that is battery operated an inverter.  Here conversion from DC to AC occurs. How do you make a portable power supply? You should use small appliances that have light weight small battery e.g. alarm clocks, stopwatches. Use those devices that are energy efficient, that consume less energy and save more.

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