Tired of dealing with health problems in your daily life? Do you want to get rid of muscle aches, pains and strains on a limited budget? The solution to all your problems is the best ionic foot detox machines. The Ionic foot detox machine removes all toxins from your body with your feet by increasing the negative ions in your body.

Numerous studies over the years have shown that an increase in negative ions can lead to a reduction in symptoms in humans.

While most of you already know about different ionic foot machines. If you make a foot bath that removes toxins from the body, there is no difference in age, gender or body shape. Anyone can benefit from ionic foot baths. It gives this sense of renewal and strength.

Ionic foot detox spa can be your key to a refreshed, healthy lifestyle. We invite you to take a look at our list of ionic foot extensions below. You will surely find something that suits your needs.

In this article, you will find the best ionic foot detox machines from amazon that will help you a lot and give you a better idea of ​​what to buy for yourself.

Things to Consider While Using These Best Foot Bath Ionic Machines

Copper Tub or Plastic Tub

When using a foot detox machine you should keep in mind that safety comes first so when you buy this machine you should check the bathtub whether it is made of copper or plastic.

The copper tube has no beryllium in it and will send more current because copper is a good conductor so copper is a good choice when buying an ionic detox machine. Plastic is not a good electrical conductor which is why it is not a good choice.

Heating Functions

When buying an ionic foot detox machine you should look at the temperature functions. As heating the work is necessary because it will make the water warm during the whole process. It is very effective to have warm water during the extraction process as it will provide more comfort and calm during the whole process.

Vibration and Massage Function

Some ionic foot detox cleanse comes with vibration and massage. Well it will increase your comfort and the addition of massage during the detoxification process but it has nothing to do with the ionic foot detox process. So it totally depends on you whether you spend more money on the machine for the comfort of massaging too with detoxifying process or not.

Using the Proper Salt

The manufacturer recommends using Himalayan salt while ionic foot detoxifying process rather than regular table salt because Himalayan salt is more crystalline compared to table salt. It is, therefore, best to use Himalayan salt to get the best results during foot detoxifying treatment.

Top 5 Best Ionic Foot Detox Machines

ImageName / FeaturesPrice
Health and Med Ionic Detox Foot Bath System

☑ Two Ionic Foot Detox Array
☑ 30 to 50 Sittings Per Array
☑ 3.2 Gallon Foot Tub Basin
Current Price on Amazon
Cell Spa Advance Ionic Foot Detox S

☑ Two Innovative Series Black Arrays
☑ Two Innovative Series Wrist Sensor Straps
☑ 100% Detoxifying Results
Current Price on Amazon
Cell Spa Fir Belt Chi

☑ Infrared Bamboo Waist Belt
☑ Multi Detox Function
☑ Aluminum Carrying Case
Current Price on Amazon
IonizeMe Elite Ionic Detox

☑ 2 Ionizing Arrays
☑ Powerful 18 Volts & 2.2 amp Output
☑ 3.2 Gallon Large Foot Basin
Current Price on Amazon
Vitaciti Ion Ionic Bath

☑ 2 Detox Arrays
☑ Input Voltage 110V / 220V
☑ Frequency 50Hz to 60Hz
Current Price on Amazon

1- Health and Med Ionic Detox Foot Bath System (Our Top Pick)

Health and Med Ionic Detox Foot Bath System - Best Ionic Foot Detox Machines

Buy on Amazon


Two ionic foot detox array

Countdown meter

30 to 50 sittings per array

3.2 gallon foot tub basin

10 array cleaning brushes

Step by step instructional DVD

70- Grams array cleaning solution and scoop

Infrared belt and carrying item optional

The foot bath program and med ionic detox foot is designed to make products that give people a healthier life. This spa detox foot massage offers a huge amount of money with its excellent results. To increase the electrolysis and ionization values, this device has been switched to 17.0 volts with 2.2 amps (MAX) current. Want to know more about product do check it at amazon.

Pros & Cons

  • Comes with the basin

  • No wrist strap is needed

  • No maintenance required

  • Easy to use

  • Costly than competitors

See Consumer Reviews About Product

2- Cell Spa Advance Ionic Foot Detox S

Cell Spa Advance Ionic Foot Detox S

Buy on Amazon


Mp3 player in machine for more relaxing treatment.

Powerful ionic system of machine will gives 100% detoxifying results.

LED display

Two innovative series black arrays

Two innovative series wrist sensor straps

Extra fuses

Cell spa advance ionic foot detox S is a high quality product with an affordable price. It will give you a lasting result. You will be 100% satisfied after the results because the product is very authentic and has guaranteed quality.

Cell spa is very fond of its products and is one of the best American brands of ionic foot detox equipment. It is one of the most well-measured ionic foot detox machines. For price and detailed description please visit amazon.

Pros & Cons

  • Comes with all equipment.

  • No extra salt necessary

  • Easy to carry and use.

  • Basin is not included with a set.

See Consumer Reviews About Product

3- Cell Spa Fir Belt Chi

Cell Spa Fir Belt Chi

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Multi detox function

One far infrared bamboo waist belt

Aluminum carrying case

Cell spa fir belt chi is one of the most effective detoxification programs and you do not have to spend a lot of money on it because it is less expensive. It has a multi detox function that help remove all toxins from the human body it will come with an aluminum case that will protect the product from any kind of damage if you want to buy a multi detox machine and this item is ready for you to buy.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to operate and carry

  • It doesn’t require distilled water

  • No maintenance needed

  • You need to buy basin separately

  • Loud noise

See Consumer Reviews About Product

4- IonizeMe Elite Ionic Detox

IonizeMe elite ionic detox

Buy on Amazon


2 LED lights

Powerful 18 volts and 2.2 amp output

Step by step instructions included

2 ionizing arrays

3.2 gallon large foot basin

IonizeMe elite ionic detox is the best on the market because this machine has no straps. No need to wear any belt during this whole process of cleansing ionic detox. You are free to travel during treatment because you do not have belts. You do not need to be an expert to use this machine because there is only one button on this machine to turn it on and off so it is easy to use. This machine is also noise-free so you will not be disturbed by any type of fan noise during the process. For price please checkout amazon.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to clean

  • Long-lasting metal housing

  • Get 30 to 50 ionic treatment sessions

  • Distilled water must be needed

See Consumer Reviews About Product

5- Vitaciti Ion Ionic Bath

Vitaciti Ion Ionic Bath

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Professional foot tub included with the capacity of 3.2 gallons of water.

2 detox arrays

Input voltage110V / 220V

Frequency 50Hz to 60Hz

1 wrist strap

1 waist belt

A instruction book included in a the package

This is one of the cheapest ionic baths that removes all chemical and germ impurities from the body on the foot. Vitaciti ionic bath is a great way for a consumer to buy because it comes with many resources. You will find 2 arrays, a wrist strap and a waist belt with a command guide. You will use it easily if you follow all the instructions given in this booklet. The button on the machine is labeled so you can easily understand everything related to the machine. For more information check amazon.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to clean

  • Lightweight and convenient

  • Easy to use

  • It’s heavy

See Consumer Reviews About Product


While concluding, after trying several detox ionic foot baths, it is clear that there is a wide variety of those regenerating ionic detox foot baths. They are priced, with quality power and quality. Some come with a bathtub while others provide control and rearrangement as well as salt and liners.

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The key here is to find the best top 5 detox foot bath that will suit your needs. Keep in mind that the array will last 30 regular times and will need to be replaced. When you find a place to wash a detox foot, you should make sure the company offers the same compatible members.

Another consideration is if you are going to need a dual or single user. If there are both in the house who want to detoxify the body in an ionic way, then a connector user can be the solution. Sessions should last only 30 minutes and remember the color that indicates the type of toxin in response to ionized salt.

Do Detox Foot Baths Really Work?

Frequently Ask Questions

Q. What are the benefits of an ionic foot detox machine?

An ionic foot detox machine will remove all the bacteria and harmful chemicals from the human body and treat them properly and enjoy a healthier life. Many health facilities use these ionic foot detox devices to treat their patients.

Most people can benefit from an ionic detox. Ideal for those suffering from intestinal ailments, skin conditions, fungal or yeast infections, and cancer. People with this type of diabetes should use this treatment with caution.

Q. How does ionic foot detox work?

When negative hydrogen ions enter the body, their function becomes the role of an antioxidant. Its unique properties are what makes detox foot bath so effective. When ionized, water is broken down into H + and OH- ions.

These same ions enter the body through 4,000 large foot holes. It should be noted that your feet play the role of the duct for the whole body. The detox foot spa offers a way to take advantage of this opportunity to rejuvenate and cleanse yourself in all-natural ways.

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